AI Creates Masterpieces

My favorite website to waste time on is Reddit. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of posts on the front page of some AI created images. This got me curious so I opened the comments of one and found NightCafe Studio.

NightCafe is an art studio with a twist – all our pieces are computer-generated!

Naturally I decided to make some creations on my own. They give you 3 credits when you sign up, and there are ways to earn free credits to make even more creations. Here are some cool ones I had created.

NightCafe Studio AI Style Transfer

These first few are from the “Style Transfer” option on their site. You choose the style of photo, and upload your own photo and they mash them up with AI. Here’s what I came up with:

This first one is because I recently moved to Myrtle Beach. I figured the skyline would be a perfect mashup with Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

I like that style, so I did a couple more. This time using my time in the Air Force, flying on C-130’s as a Flight Engineer, to inspire the next 2.

C-130 Starry Night
C-130 Starry Night – Buy a Print (coupon code “coodie” for 5% off)
C-130 Angel Flare Starry Night
C-130 Angel Flare Starry Night – Buy a Print (coupon code “coodie” for 5% off)

While looking at other creations on the site, I noticed that I was liking more of the cubism style artwork than any other. I tested the AI out on a few of these as well.

NightCafe Studio AI Text to Image

The way Text to Image works is simple. You write some text, and it creates an image. Some of these can be quite odd, as you can type anything you want. But since I was going for a certain style, I did some simplistic texts. Here are the ones I like the most:

Cubist Eagle
Cubist Eagle
Cubist Palm Trees
Cubist Palm Trees

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