21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 9

The day is 9, let’s get in line, for another blog post, from your favorite host. Me! (there are no pictures in this post, as I’m writing this on a computer without my friend, Photoshop.)

3 New Things I Am Grateful For

1. I am grateful for DVR. So many good shows that are impossible to watch at their scheduled times. I’m very grateful for my DVR. Catching up on the latest “Walking Dead” episode as I write this! SPOILER ALERT – DON’T READ IF YOU AREN’T CAUGHT UP! Is Glen alive? I hope we find out!

2. I am grateful for the internet. The other day it was computers, but let’s be honest, what good would computers be without the internet? I found a great recipe for french fries tonight that I tried for the first time, along with a delicious recipe for ranch dressing to dip those fries in! Ermahgerd it was awesome!

3. I am grateful for Cereal. If you know me, then you know my breakfast of choice is cereal. 98% of my breakfasts are cereal. I also enjoy it as a snack, or even a lunch or dinner on occasion. I was so grateful when I was deployed to Saudi Arabia that my family, including Dave & Candy Kragthorpe, would send me care packages with Cocoa Krispies (one of my favorites)! They did not have them over there, so it was a real treat to receive these from them every couple weeks.

1 Positive Experience in the Past 24 Hours

It’s Saturday so lot’s of good things happened. I guess I’ll just stick with one, and that’s my boy dominating at floor hockey. I’m the coach for his YMCA team, and I felt bad for the other team. At the same time, the dad in me, was so proud to see him score 6 goals against them. It was a 13-1 victory, even though we technically don’t keep score. =) Proud dad here!


I got plenty of exercise in today. Let’s see if I can remember it all.

  • Floor Hockey with EJ.
  • Walk to the park and back with the family
  • 80 jumping jacks
  • I purchased one of those fancy rubber bands for fake weights. Did a bunch of different ones of those
  • 30 sit ups
  • 20 push ups

I’m pretty sure there was more, today was a very active day. But that’s all I can remember.


Still waiting to hear from the meditation guru my friend recommended. Sticking with this 15 minute thing I’ve been doing.

Random Act of Kindness

Poem time, and we’re doing it randomly again. First person I see on Facebook is my favorite realtor, Nancy Chapman! I’ve got just the poem for her:

I’m not sure if you noticed
But a poet I’ve come to be
I’m out to give some smiles
And you’re my next victim, see?

You show the best houses
And we’re very glad you do
Near or far, you’ve seen them all
I’m giving thanks to you

When it comes to listing houses
You’re the best there is in town
I’d recommend you to any friend
No matter how much we put down!

You’ve always treated Nikki and me as family when we need you, and you never give us grief! Thanks for always helping us with our home buying and selling needs!

Wrapping Up Day 9

Day 9, let’s call it a wrap. I’m liking this rhyming thing, so don’t give me no crap.

If you missed my previous post, check it out here » Paul’s 21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 8.

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