21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 14

21 Day Happiness Advantage Challenge - Day 14

Day 14 of the challenge. Day 13, it seems like, of this cold that’s haunting me. The positive to this cold is I’m getting a good workout from all the coughing I’m doing. I can feel it in my back! Enough about me, onto more about me. 😉

3 New Things I Am Grateful For

1. I am grateful for being white. It had to come out sooner or later. OK anyone reading this knows me well enough know I’m not racist in the least…But seriously, being a white male in America, just seems to be the way to go. I’m grateful for it. Lucky frankly.

I love being white

2. I am grateful for Amazon. More specifically, Amazon Prime. 2-day free shipping on anything I order is just nuts. With the gigantic warehouse they’re building just miles from my house, here come the same day drones!


3. I am grateful for heat. Holy crap it was cold outside with that wind! Winter is coming people, prepare the furnaces!

Winter is Coming

1 Positive Experience in the Past 24 Hours

Lunch with my my lady is my positive experience for the day. It was a little later in the morning this time, so the buffet wasn’t as fresh. Even still, the food was hot and delicious. Just like my wife.

Here’s like my favorite photo of Nikki, even tho she hates it.

Kragthorpe Family


Did my workout today at the YMCA gym in Prior Lake. I used the workout routine that I found yesterday, except with machines and free weights. Here it was:

4 sets of 8 on chest press machine (2 sets – 100lbs, 2 sets – 115lbs)

2 sets of 10 cross-overs 100lbs

3 sets of 15 leg presses at 205lbs

2 sets of 10 leg presses at 175lbs

2 sets 8 skull crushers (free weights, 30lbs)

3 sets of 10 triceps extensions (free weights standing 20lbs each arm)

3 sets of 15 calf raises with 60lbs on back

2 sets of 20 weighted crunches. I did the ab machine set at 100lbs

Little cardio, bike machine – 1.4 miles for 5 mins at an avg speed of 16.3mph.



Performed the day 2 session from the Headspace app. Wow, it’s crazy how it makes you just feel every little thing in your body, and where your mind goes when you allow it to just go free.

Today my mind went back to Mexico for some reason. Particularly to the day we went to a shop to buy sunscreen. No clue where that came from, but that’s where my mind went when the guy told me to allow it to just go free. Strange! Now I want to go back to Mexico!

Me & Nikki in Mexico

For anyone who’s never been on an all-inclusive vacation before, you owe it to yourself to do it. Save for it, and just do it! It was an amazing trip. That was just over 2 year ago. Strange that it came up.

Random Act of Kindness

We paid it forward once again today. This time I picked a guy because he was wearing a Wild sweatshirt. =) Go Wild!


I miss Boogie!

Wrapping Up Day 14

There we go. Just one week left! Did you miss yesterday? No problem, I got you covered » 21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 13

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