21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 12

21 Day Happiness Advantage Challenge - Day 12

We made it over half-way! Let’s delve right in to post number twelve.

3 New Things I Am Grateful For

1. I am grateful for Braces. Ahhh straight teeth. My were all sorts of messed up before I got braces. I’m grateful for them.

Can’t find a good before picture, so here’s one of my beautiful wife an son =)

EJ Kissing Mommy

2. I am grateful for Electricity. Hard to even think about anything to say about it. It’s just so much a part of our world today, that life would be rough without it. Not impossible, but rough.

Electricity Meme

3. I am grateful for my house. I’m grateful just to have a roof over my head every night. But I’m even more grateful that the house I have is one I love. We had it built in 2010, so we got to do it just how we wanted. Finished the basement in just under 2 years. It’s the perfect house for us!

My House

1 Positive Experience in the Past 24 Hours

Parent Teacher Conferences. Hearing so many nice things about my boy sure makes me a proud dad! He was there with us, and he just had the biggest shit eatin grin on his face hearing his teacher say so many nice things. It was a great experience!

Eston Beating Daddy 1

Love this kid!


Nothing exciting here, I just did a bunch more weird stuff with that rubber band thing tonight. It’s a pretty thick one, rated at 40lbs. Whatever that means. Along with my jumping jacks, and a few more sit-ups.


Totally forgot to get the Headspace app for my future meditation endeavors. Totes gonna try it tomorrow tho. Today I stuck with my 15 minutes, dark room, quiet, breathing.

Random Act of Kindness

Keeping with my new tradition, first person I saw on Facebook when I refreshed with “Most Recent” posts selected was Justin Binghanm.


I bet you’d never guess
That you’d make my list
Of people who randomly
Get the opposite of dissed

But today’s you’re lucky day
My friend we go a ways back
Another fellow thespian
We were always right on track

You proudly served this country
And we all thank you for that
Now hop on that hog of yours
And maybe go get a tat

Glad we’re still able to stay in contact, Justin! Have a great day!

I know I’ve got a picture somewhere with you in it, but I think it’s in a box under my stairs I’ll find it soon and post it here.

Wrapping Up Day 12

Nothing else rhymes with twelve, so thanks for taking a delve into it with me. Don’t forget to read yesterday’s post » 21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 11

Have a great day!

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