21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 11

21 Day Happiness Advantage Challenge - Day 11

Day eleven, I’m running out of things to say to start these posts. Oh well, let’s just get on with it.

3 New Things I Am Grateful For

1. I am grateful for smart people. There are strange things that are hard to explain in this world. Luckily there are smart people that can help explain those things. Example:

C130 Prop

This was taken in 2007. Back when I was in the Air Force and Flight Engineer on C-130’s, I would take pictures looking out the window. Often the propeller would make it into the shot, but the prop always looked messed up!

Finally, 8 years later, I have an explanation!

Why Digital Pictures of Propellers Look So Weird, Explained in One GIF.

Why Digital Pictures of Propellers Look So Weird, Explained in One GIF


2. I am grateful for my co-worker, Chris Lister. Of course I am grateful for the rest of them as well, but Chris and I are just always on the same page and the same level. When it comes to ideas for clients, or just talking about the Walking Dead, I think we compliment each other.

Paul, Roger, and Chris

3. I am grateful for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At least for another 24 hours, this is my main video game that I play. It’s super fun, and I love playing it.


1 Positive Experience in the Past 24 Hours

Stopped over at my old neighbors new house, Mike & Angie, to complete some wiring I started. Turns out I bought the wrong outlet tho, so I have to return and do it another day.

Anyhow the reason it was a positive experience was cause of these three little rascals:

Owen, Brody, & Quinn Burgess

Whether they were just excited to see other people, or really excited to see Eston and me, they were just so happy! Love seeing their smiling faces! Really miss the Burgess’s living next door!


I need to find a good website with like a 30-60 day medium to light set of workouts for the weight band thingy I got. I can tell there are like a million things I can do with it, just don’t know where to start and focus. Anyway, I did a bunch of weird stuff with that tonight. Along with my jumping jacks, and 40 situps.

I imagine I’ll be looking like this guy in a couple weeks.

Resistance Band Exercises


My good friend and co-worker Chris Lister suggested I get the Headspace app for my future meditation endeavors. I didn’t get the message fast enough to use that today, but will definitely try it tomorrow. Thanks, Chris! Today I just did more of the same, 15 minutes, dark room, quiet, breathing.

Random Act of Kindness

Well my the first person on my stream was again Melissa…I think she’s trying to game my system here. I have more kindness to go around tho, so let’s keep it going with Chris.


I find my poems
Much like I find keywords
Except I don’t use Google
And I lied about the keywords.

You and I rock the web
And it’s a good thing we do
James and Tony do pretty well
But I think they’d agree, too.

When it come to SEO, CRO, or content
We make a pretty good team.
And this is one area
That doesn’t need a meme.

Thanks for being a great co-worker and a friend, Chris!

Wrapping Up Day 11

I’ll stop with my Chris bromance now, and let you get on with more important things. Like reading yesterday’s post! 21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 10

Have a happy day!

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