Who’s Left on Survivor?

A question I have found myself asking a lot lately, since my wife got me into Survivor, is who’s left on the island?

Well this was no easy feat to find out. A google search for “survivor who’s left?” left me empty handed. What’s a guy to do? Make a website!

In collaboration with some friends of mine, I designed and developed a website to do the very thing I set out to find. Who is currently left on the Survivor Island.

The website is very simple, it just shows who’s left, and who’s been voted off. No gimmicks, just answers.

This is How to Maximize Your Credit Score with Your Balance

So you have no negative records, no late payments, have a couple credit accounts open for a long time, and haven’t had your credit checked in a while. The only thing affecting your score now is your credit card balance. How does your balance affects your score?

I was using Credit Karma’s credit score simulator to see how exactly my balance affected my score and I found something very interesting. There seems to be a couple of sweet spots that will help boost your score more than others.

Now there are plenty of articles out there that say as long as you stay under 30%, or under 20%, or under 10% of your credit card balance, your score won’t be affected. Well according to Credit Karma, who uses the Vantage Score, that isn’t the case.

These 3 Ranges are the Sweet Spots in Balance vs Credit Score

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